Electroacoustics Accessories

Type 9640 – Turntable System

Type 9640 – Turntable System

The Turntable System Type 9640 is designed to rotate a test object, such as a loudspeaker, microphone, or hydrophone, for measurement of directional response.

When used in combination with a personal computer, Type 9640 becomes part of a system capable of automatically recording the directional characteristics of many different test objects.


  • Controlling test-object (e.g., loudspeaker, microphone, hydrophone) orientation during:
  • Directional response measurements
  • Sound power measurements
  • Directional noise radiation measurements

Turntable System Type 9640 consists of Controllable Turntable Type 5960, Turntable Controller Type 5997 and Remote Control WB 1254.