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Type 4606 – Handset Positioner

Type 4606 – Handset Positioner

The Handset Positioner Type 4606 allows accurate and repeatable mounting of telephone handsets on HATS in both standardized and user-defined positions. This makes HATS into a state-of-the-art telephone test rig providing both an artificial mouth and ear with pinna for measurements according to ITU-T recommendations.


  • Testing of headphones
  • Evaluation of close‐talking/noise‐cancelling microphones
  • Measurements on telephone headsets and hands‐free communication devices
  • Measurements on mobile and domestic telephones
  • In situ/insertion measurements on hearing aids
  • Testing of hearing protectors

Supports all telephone handset designs, including handsets with asymmetrically mounted transducers.

Type 4606 is available with 3 sizes of handset cradles:

  • UA-1541 with 2 x UA-1537 forks for ordinary telephone handsets (optional accessory)
  • UA-1541 with 2 x UA-1587 forks for wide telephone handsets (included with Type 4606)
  • UA-1541-W-001 Cradle for tablets, including forks (optional accessory)

Positioning on both ears for left- and right-handed user simulations. Ear-centered reference point allow easy 3D pivoting of telephone mouthpiece.