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ZZZ – SomatXR CX23-R Ultra-Ruggedized Data Recorder

ZZZ – SomatXR CX23-R Ultra-Ruggedized Data Recorder

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Rugged SomatXR CX23-R Data Recorder for Autonomous Mobile Vehicle Tests

The rugged SomatXR CX23-R data recorder offers superior reliability in storing measured data from other SomatXR modules, also when it is installed far away from the measuring point. Its rugged design and long-term stability ensure optimum operation in harsh environments. The mobile recorder is ideally suited for unsupervised long-term tests and acquires sensor data from agricultural and construction machinery, cranes, and even roller coasters.

Due to its Web interface, the SomatXR CX23-R can be directly controlled through common Web browsers, smart phones or tablets. This allows for convenient channel parameterization, monitoring of measurement jobs, and visualization of measured data far away from the measuring point. The data recorder monitors sensor activity, triggers advanced data recording based on pre-set trigger events, and stores data very efficiently, also during long-term monitoring tasks. Moreover, the data is stored in .sie format, and thus is offers optimal protection.

  • Storage capacity: 64 GB
  • Degrees of protection: IP65 / IP67
  • Signal interfaces: DIO, CAN, GPS, Ethernet
  • Data format: .sie



  • Waterproof, dust proof, and shock proof, IP65 and IP67 degrees of protection
  • Wide temperature range (-40 °C to +80 °C)
  • Rugged and highly resistant to shock and vibration

Extremely reliable

  • Linux-based system with high long-term stability
  • High protection of recorded data, also in the event of a power failure, due to .sie file format.

Optimized for long-term tests

  • Data acquisition far away from the measuring point
  • Easy Browser access through a secure and integrated Web interface without any software installation
  • Multiple-user data access