Perception – CSI Training

Perception – CSI Training

CSI Training
HBM offers a training course for customers interested in CSI programming of Perception. This 2 day event gives programmers a kick-start in using CSI and enables faster implementation of your own written software into Perception. The course is taught by a software engineer with several years of Perception programming experience.

Training Objectives
The purpose of this training is really to start programming using Perception’s CSI capabilities. It’s not a theoretical presentation nor a general programming approach. Programming using Perception CSI is the focus of the course.

The training targets are defined as:
• Learn the concepts of Perception CSI programming
• Learn how to extend the Perception application
• Learn how to add extra custom-specific features to Perception
• Learn how to integrate these features into the Perception user interface

Learning Content
The training is structured in several lessons. Each has its own objective.

In detail the objectives cover:
• Creating new custom sheets
• Controlling hardware
• Controlling data acquisition
• Data visualization
• Data analysis and calculations
• Automatic pre-and post-acquisition actions
• Measurement automation interface

Target Audience
The attendees should be programmers with a basic skill set already. The training does not cover general programming techniques.

The attendees should be:
• Programmers
• System integrators

In order for the attendees not only to join, but also to take valuable material back with them, deliverables handed out during the training include:
• Training manual – one printed version per attendee
• Hand out of presentations used (PPT/DOC/PDF files)
• Documentation about the Hands-On exercise sessions
• All example source code used during the training
• Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition (English)

The training duration is two full days. It’s recommended to travel to the training location the day before. On the second day, a late travel back might be possible.

• 2 Days, each from 8:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:00

The training will be held in English. Fluent English is recommended for all attendees.
• Language throughout the training is English
• All manuals, presentations, papers, development tools, etc. are in English

Training Approach
The following is a rough agenda for the timeline of the meeting. The exact agenda might vary if agreed upfront between trainer and attendees.

The course is structured as:

Day One
• Course overview
• Installing development environment
• Installing training material
• Getting Started with CSI
• Perception CSI template
• Adding controls to the user interface
• Acquisition control basics
• Acquisition control advanced
• Hardware settings
• Capabilities of the hardware settings
• Setting change events

Day Two
• Dynamic menus and toolbars
• Display usage
• Calculations using the Waveform Calculators
• Calculations using the “DataSource-Processor” and “SegmentProcessor”
• Calculation using basic DataSource interfaces
• Data Manager
• Recording Manager
• Data pool entries
• User variables
• Creation of new dedicated user controls (“DataPoolTextBox”)
• Creating new functions for formula database

Note: The training is held using examples in C#

As we want this training to be as effective for the attendees as possible, the following pre-requisites are mandatory:

• Attendees should have a basic knowledge of programming
• Attendees must be proficient in C# programming language and Windows technology
• Attendees should understand basic data acquisition terminology
• Attendees should have a basic understanding of GEN DAQ products and Perception software
• Attendees need to bring their own PC with them, with Perception and CSI option pre-installed
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 installed on the PC
• Attendees have to be registered CSI users; attendee name and Perception KEY serial number to be provided at time of ordering the training

Location, lodging, food and drinks
The training is held either in a hotel or in a HBM office. On request, training is also available at customer locations.

The training fee includes
• Meeting room
• Drinks
• Coffee breaks
• Lunch
It does not include travel costs, lodging, dinner.