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HBK 2255  Sound Level Meter With Building Acoustics Partner

HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter With Building Acoustics Partner

Together with HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter and HBK’s architectural sound sources, this solution is all you need for airborne, impact and façade sound insulation testing, from measurement to finished report.

HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter with Building Acoustics Partner is designed specifically for building acoustics measurements. Lightweight and robust, HBK 2255 and its accessories are ideally suited for use on real-world building sites, where dust and debris are more commonplace than functioning elevators.

With the Building Acoustics Partner license installed, HBK 2255 can measure everything you need for sound insulation measurements, from 1/1- or 1/3-octave band level measurements to reverberation time measurements with interrupted or impulsive noise signals. Connecting the Building Acoustics Partner mobile app provides wireless remote control and full workflow support, while giving you complete freedom to adapt to conditions on site. Back in the office, the PC app makes short work of analysis and reporting.

Mobile App

The Building Acoustics Partner mobile app brings an entirely new level of efficiency and control to sound insulation measurements. Measurement planning and workflow automation in the mobile app help to ensure that you never miss a measurement position, while easy measurement reuse between partitions helps you to minimize the total number of measurements. We understand that plans often change due to site conditions on real-world projects, and the app makes it easy to alter the plan at any time.

With integrated wireless in the sound level meter and power amplifier, you have complete remote control over your measurements – you’ll never need to run a cable under a door again. While measuring, the live combined spectrum and profile views keep you in touch with your measurements. You can even listen to measurement audio streamed to your earphones, perfect for situations where you need to control measurements from outside the room.

Quality indicators alert you to issues with your measurements early, while detailed data views show you exactly what is happening in your measurements. Results are automatically calculated on the app, allowing you to confirm compliance with project targets and investigate any deviations before leaving site. And just like with our other apps, you can easily embed photos, videos, voice, and text notes into your project to document noteworthy site conditions like a poorly fitted door seal.


PC App

Sound insulation testing projects don’t end when the last measurement is completed – the measurement data still needs to be analyzed and a report needs to be created. The Building Acoustics Partner PC app is designed to make these tasks as efficient as possible, while providing the maximum level of insight and confidence in your data.

All measurement data can be viewed both graphically and in tabular form. The level measurement data views allow you to quickly and easily compare source room, receiving room and background noise levels, as well as the variability between positions of the same measurement type. The reverberation time measurement view gives you a clear visualization of the decays, and the ability to manually override the detected slope in the rare case this is needed. Measurement quality indicators are displayed in all measurement tables, and any measured value can be overridden for ‘what if’ analyses.

Reporting in Building Acoustics Partner is more efficient than ever before. Multi-partition reports can be generated with just a couple of mouse clicks, and saved directly to PDF, or Microsoft® Word format for easy incorporation into a narrative report. Measurement data can also be exported to Microsoft® Excel® for your own custom analysis.



  • Measurement of:
    • Airborne sound insulation
    • Impact sound insulation
    • Façade sound insulation
    • Reverberation time
  • Calculation of sound insulation results according to national and international standards
  • Detailed analysis of sound insulation measurements, including manual adjustment of measured data for ‘what if’ analyses
  • Preparation of sound insulation test reports according to standards

HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter