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ZZZ – TE 7132AHT Accelerometer – OBSOLETE

ZZZ – TE 7132AHT Accelerometer – OBSOLETE

OBSOLETE PRODUCT – page for information and support purposes only.


The Model 7132AHT is a high temperature miniature triaxial IEPE accelerometer available in ±50g to ±500g dynamic ranges. The accelerometer features a hermetically sealed titanium construction with a 4-pin Microtech connector interface. The model 7132HT incorporates stable piezo-ceramic crystals in annular shear mode with an operating temperature range of -55C to +163C.

* Triaxial IEPE Accelerometer
* -55° to +163°C Operating Range
* ±50g to ±2000g Dynamic Range
* 4-Pin Microtech Connector Interface
* Hermetically Sealed, Titanium
* Wide Bandwidth to 10kHz
* Stable Temperature Response