Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tubes

Vacuum Reference Tubes

Vacuum Reference Tubes

The Teledyne Hastings Instruments (THI) Reference Tube is an evacuated, sealed vacuum gauge tube accurately calibrated to precisely simulate a gauge tube at a given operating pressure. It is electrically equivalent to the metal and glass gauge tubes used with THI instruments. It permits quick and easy recalibration of THI Vacuum Gauge Indicators by merely plugging the instrument into the reference and adjusting the calibration “current set” potentiometer until the instrument reads the exact pressure noted on the reference. THI Reference Tubes are available equivalent to most THI Gauge Tubes.


THI Vacuum Gauge Indicators or Controllers can be checked or recalibrated in seconds by merely plugging the gauge tube cable into the reference tube. If calibration adjustment is necessary, the “Current Set” potentiometer is adjusted until the instrument indicates the pressure marked on the reference tube. The customer now knows his instrument is correctly calibrated.

Whenever cable lengths between gauge tube and instrument are changed, some error may be introduced, requiring that the instrument be readjusted to compensate for any losses involved. By plugging the Reference Tube into the new cable and readjusting the instrument for a correct reading, this “error” is eliminated.


Choose the reference tube that is equivalent to the glass or metal THI Gauge Tube you are now using. The Reference Tube will be matched and sealed at a pressure falling on the lower portion of the scale and calibrated accurately at this exact pressure.


• Instant Calibration Check
• Recalibration of Hastings Gauges
• Adjusts Gauge for Any Length Cable
• Stable, Accurate, Rugged, and Reliable