Microphone & PreAmplifier Combinations

Type 4954-A  ¼-Inch Free Field Microphone With SMB Connector

Type 4954-A ¼-Inch Free Field Microphone With SMB Connector

Type 4954-A is designed for high-level and high-frequency measurements. The use of a laser welded stainless steel diaphragm and a stainless steel protection grid, make this microphone capable of withstanding rough environments.


  • High-frequency measurements
  • High-level measurements
  • Cost-effective measurements

This microphone is a Type 4954 laser welded to a ¼” preamplifier. The transducers can be connected to any CCLD input and support IEEE P1451.4 V0.9 TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet).

The unit is assembled in a clean-room environment and sealed together, after which it is assigned one single type number and one single serial number. This means that the combined unit has better precision and long-time stability, and is handled as one complete unit.

The unit also contains TEDS, which means that information about the serial number, type and sensitivity is stored within it.


  • Better stability and precision. Because the unit is assembled in clean-room facilities, there is no contamination.
  • Ease of use. Your analyzer front-end and software will automatically detect the type number, serial number and sensitivity because of the built-in TEDS technology. There is no need to enter this manually for every channel.
  • Calibration integration. The TEDS technology means the microphone is automatically detected and identified by your data acquisition software, allowing it to be easily integrated with your calibration database.
  • Fewer errors. As your data acquisition software automatically knows the microphone type, serial number and sensitivity, manual inputs are greatly reduced – reducing human errors.


Capacitance: pF

Diameter : 1/4

Dynamic range: 40 – 159 dB

Frequency range: 16 – 80000 Hz

Inherent noise: 40 dB A

Lower limiting frequency -3dB: 16 Hz

Optimised: Free field

Polarization: Prepolarized

Polarization voltages: 0 V

Pressure coefficient: -0.007 dB/kPa

Sensitivity: 2.8 mV/Pa

Standards: IEC 61094-4 WS2P

Temperature coefficient: 0.009 db/ºC

Temperature range: -20 – 80 C

Venting: Side

Weight: gram

Sound field: Free-field

Input type: CCLD IEPE

Microphone type: Free field