Mass Flow Power Supply & Digital Indicator

THCD-401 Four Channel Display/Controller

THCD-401 Four Channel Display/Controller

The THCD-401 is a microprocessor-based four channel power supply and controller that can operate mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, and pressure transducers as well as vacuum gauges. It provides stable output voltage levels to power these devices.

The instrument accurately measures and displays output from analog transducers. In addition, it can generate analog command signals to mass flow meter controllers.


  • 6 Digit Resolution
  • 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, or 4-20 mA
  • Accuracy 0.2% of reading + 0.01% of FS
  • Bright, Full-Colour Display
  • Ratio Control
  • Totalizer
  • USB-C, Ethernet (with internal Webserver)
  • Convenient Valve Override Buttons
  • Programmable Units & Gas Names
  • Free DisplayX Control & Data Logging Software
  • Bench Top or Panel Mount
  • CE & ROHS compliance


  • Operate & Monitor Flow Meter or Flow Controller
  • Gas Blending
  • Monitor and Record Vacuum & Pressure


  • Easy to Configure & Operate
  • Reduces Wiring/Integration Challenges
  • Highly Visible Display
  • Flexible Interface with Setpoint & Digital Command