String (Draw Wire) Potentiometers

PT5DN Industrial Grade • DeviceNET® Communication

PT5DN Industrial Grade • DeviceNET® Communication

The PT5DN, using a high cycle plastic-hybrid potentiometer, communicates via DeviceNET protocol with programmable controllers in factories and harsh environments requiring
linear position measurements in ranges up to 250”.

As a member of Celesco’s innovative family of NEMA 4 rated cable-extension transducers, the PT5DN installs in minutes by simply mounting it’s body to a fixed surface and attaching
it’s cable to the movable object. Perfect parallel alignment not required.

The PT5 Series is an excellent solution for high acceleration and high-cycle applications such as die-casting, injection molding or crash testing. Thousands of configurations are available to exactly meet application requirements and lead times are frequently 1-2 weeks. Cable-Actuated Sensors are easy and quick to install as critical alignment is not required. They retract to a height a fraction of the measurement range and provide a highly repeatable, high-resolution output.

• 250” (6.3m) Linear Measurement Range
• Industrial Environments
• Hard-Anodized Aluminum Enclosure
• IP67/NEMA 6 Protection