Mass Flow Power Supply & Digital Indicator

NALL Indicator & Power Supply

NALL Indicator & Power Supply

The Hastings NALL-Series Flowmeter is the original model that has generated repeat customers for over 50 years. It operates on a unique thermal principle which permits inherently linear response to flow. The flow passage is constructed entirely of metal and contains no O-rings. The transducer is also separate from any electronic circuitry, making it ideal for high temperature or other adverse environmental applications. The power supply features a bright digital display and is contained in either a cabinet or panel mountable case. All models feature high accuracy and excellent repeatability.


• The Original Hastings Mass Flowmeter
• 15 Standard Flow Ranges
• No Corrections for 20% Variations in Temperature or Pressure


For All of Your Gas Flow Measuring Needs:
• Vapor Deposition
• Leak Testing
• Gas Blending
• Semiconductor Processes
• Measurement of Toxic and Hazardous Gases
• High Temperature, High Pressure, and Hermetically Sealed Uses