Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tubes

Installation Accessories for Vacuum Gauge Tubes

Installation Accessories for Vacuum Gauge Tubes

Molecular Sieve Filter

A modular construction that provides effective protection against contaminants that will impair gauge tube performance. Use the molecular filter whenever system contaminants (air, dust or other particulates) could foul gauge tubes. Requires periodic changeout of Zeolite pellets.

Drop-Out Trap, Type DO-2

A particle drop-out trap that also provides an effective optical baffle. It has the equivalent of eight 90-deg bends. Protects gauge tube from flying particles, evaporated metals, etc. The gauge tube threads into the trap, which installs in existing gauge tube fitting. Simple piggy-back installation. Brass, nickel plate construction. Clean with steam, solvents, air hose, ultrasonics, etc. 1/8-in. NPT fittings; female for gauge tube, male connection to system.

Valved Quick Connect, Type OS-V and OS-VR

Provides a quick-connect O-ring seal fitting for the gauge tube with toggle-type shut-off valve. Permits removal and replacement of a gauge tube in many systems without “breaking” the entire system to atmospheric pressure. Also permits closing off tube during “dirty” portion of cycle. Installs in 1/8-in. NPT female thread. Type OS-VR is right angle pattern valve. Size: 1 x 3 x 3-1/2 in. Brass construction.

Dual-Valved Quick Connect, Type OS-V2

Similar to above except permits use of an additional tube in a second pressure range, or as a calibration check against production tube. Keeps an unused spare ready to go. Installs in 1/8-in. female threaded fitting of existing gauge tube. Adjustable for angled or straight installation. Brass construction. 7-1/2 x 1 x 3-3/4 in.

Hastings Seal-Nut, Type OS-H

A metal hex nut with Teflon® insert. Threads over 1/8 in. NPT male thread and jams against fitting to provide a dry, nonshredding, reusable vacuum-tight seal. Eliminates messy liquid sealants. Use to install gauge tubes, quick connects, dropout trap, and other 1/8-in. NPT male fittings in vacuum systems.

Hastings Quick Connects

Hastings Instruments Quick Connects offer an O-ring sealed fitting for Hastings and other gauge tubes with 1/8-in. pipe stems (0.405 in. O.D. tubing). They provide a clean, dry, leak-tight seal and permit quick, easy removal and replacement of gauge tubes without wrenches or messy sealants. Easiest conversion is with OS-F Quick Connect, which threads into existing gauge tube 1/8-in. NPT fitting on the system. Solder thread for permanent seal, or use Hastings Instruments Seal Nuts.

Recommended Procedure: Install all fittings so gauge tube opening points down, so as to be self-draining.