Ionization Gauges

IGE-3000 Ionization Gauge

IGE-3000 Ionization Gauge

The Teledyne Hastings Instruments IGE-3000 line of Ionization Gauge Tubes and Electronics provides the user with accurate, repeatable pressure measurement starting in the medium vacuum range and continuing through into the ultrahigh vacuum range.

A complete measurement system consists of a dual-filament miniaturized Bayard-Alpert ionization gauge tube and electronics package. The gauge tube includes several innovations over conventional Bayard-Alpert tubes. For example, the filaments are precisely tensioned to give repeatable performance. In addition, all tube materials are selected and processed to yield consistent structural integrity.


• Range – 10-9 Torr to 10-2 Torr
• Miniature Bayard-Alpert Tube
• 24 VDC Input (11.5 VDC – 30 VDC)
• Stable Accurate Electrode Voltages
• Precision Electrometer
• RS232/485 Communication
• Two Independent TTL Set points
• Automatic High Pressure Shutdown
• Dual Filaments with Status Indicators
• Remote Filament Operation (using Hastings HPM 2002 or CVT-4)


• Thin Film Coating
• Vacuum Furnace
• Plasma Processing
• Sputtering
• Calibration Systems
• Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
• Accelerator
• Lighting Manufacturing