Mass Flow - Analog

HFC-202 Mass Flow Controller

HFC-202 Mass Flow Controller

Model HFC-202 can measure and control flow ranges from 0-10 sccm up to 0-25 slm (N2 Equivalent); use elastomeric seals, provide analog outputs, and are constructed of stainless steel. It has a normally closed valves. Corrosive gases, with the exception of the halogens, pressures up to 1000 psig (optional) are easily measured.


  • ±1% of Full Scale Accuracy
  • Input Power ±15 VDC or +24 VDC (specify when ordering)
  • Available Flow Ranges:
  • 0-10 sccm up to 0-25 slm (N2 Equivalent)
  • NIST Traceable Calibration


• Leak Testing
• Medical Research
• Vapor Deposition
• R&D and Process Flows
• Semiconductor Processes
• Pollution Monitoring
• Gas Blending
• Chromatography