Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tubes

DV-6S Ruggedized Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube

DV-6S Ruggedized Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube

Teledyne Hastings Thermocouple Gauge Tubes/Sensors are precision sensing devices designed to provide accurate measurement and control of vacuum. Fully compensated for both temperature and rate of temperature change, the tubes are renowned worldwide for their dependability, and boast a history of success that has endured for over 60 years.

THI Thermocouple Gauge Tubes/Sensors use the rugged but sensitive, time-tested THI thermopile sensor. Short, firmly connected thermocouples have no suspended weld to an external heater. Proprietary tooling and process control improvements offer extended service life for these gauge tubes/sensors.

DV-4 Range: 20 Torr – 0.1 Torr
DV-6 Range: 1 Torr – 0.001 Torr
DV-5 Range: 0.1 Torr – 0.0001 Torr


• Rugged Construction
• Non-Contaminating
• Color Coded


• Refrigerator
• Cryogenics / Vacuum Insulator
• Air Conditioning
• Freeze Drying
• Transformer Oil Refill
• Pharmaceutical


• Reliable
• Repeatable
• Stable Calibration