Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tubes

Digital VT Vacuum Indicator

Digital VT Vacuum Indicator

The Teledyne Hastings Instruments (THI) Digital VT/CVT are digital readout versions of the successful VT/CVT-Series
“Hastings Gauges” which have generated loyal customers for over 50 years. A reputation has been built on exceptional stability, accuracy, and reliability under the most demanding

A precision A/D converter along with a microprocessor are used to measure the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube’s signal output, convert the measurement to a pressure reading employing the gauge tube’s well-defined output/pressure function, and displays the result. These instruments are packaged in 1/8 DIN panel mounted case with 3 digit green LED display. The Digital VT/CVT Vacuum Gauge Meters are available for two of THI’s most popular gauge tube families: the DV-6 and the DV-4. The DV-6 range is 1-999 mTorr. The DV-4 range is 0.02-20 Torr. These tubes utilize THI’s rugged but sensitive noble metal thermocouples that are designed specifically for
each range. Tubes are matched and interchangeable without
calibration adjustments. They are compensated for temperature and rate of temperature change and are corrosion resistant.

The Digital VT instrument is a fully automatic, continuous reading instrument for basic vacuum measurement applications.


• Glove Boxes
• Cryogenics
• Vacuum Furnaces
• Pharmaceutical Production
• Freeze Drying
• Agricultural Processes
• Air Conditioning
• Thermal Food Containers
• Plasma Coating
• Refrigeration (HVAC)
• Accelerators
• Appliance Manufacturing