CCS Initial Confocal Sensor

CCS Initial Confocal Sensor

The CCS Initial confocal laser sensor is Acuity’s value model for ultra-precise displacement and transparent material thickness measurements. This system includes a measurement probe, controller and fiber optic cable, making it user-friendly for benchtop users and system integrators alike.


The CCS Initial confocal sensors are extremely precise point sensors for measuring displacement and thickness. Each system includes a controller unit, a fiber optic cable, an optical measuring probe and all necessary cables and software. The CCS Initial confocal sensors measure distance and topography of varied targets, including silicon, polished metals, glass, contoured lenses, polymers, semiconductor masks and natural materials. The technology in these confocal sensors support nanometer-scale measurement resolutions.

Acuity offers the CCS Initial confocal sensors with five different measurement models that range from 0.4 to 12.0 mm and one miniaturized probe with a 90° beam path for measuring inside of narrow tubes. Distance data is transmitted by the controller unit via USB or RS232 interfaces to PLC’s, PC computers or other system controllers. Data may be synchronized with encoders or triggered with hardware signals through the controller’s TTL I/O.

Choose the CCS Initial confocal sensors for the most challenging displacement or thickness measuring applications. The sensor system automatically adjusts the brightness of the light source (LED lamp) for optimal signals on highly reflective targets. A special Thickness Mode enables the sensor to measure the thickness of transparent glasses, crystals and polymers using a single probe!