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:: Residual Stress Measurement

The MTS3000 - Restan system for measuring residual stresses
Residual stresses and measurement by the hole-drilling method
All stresses that exist in materials without any external forces are called residual stresses. These stresses influence
the behavior of mechanical components and can affect their structural and dimensional stability as well as the
fatigue and fracture resistance of the materials. A residual tensile stress actually facilitates crack propagation and
therefore reduces the fatigue life of a mechanical component. Residual stresses limit the loading capacity and
safety of mechanical components during operation and in certain conditions it is necessary to know the quantity
of those stresses.
? Fully automatic drilling and acquisition process
ensuring high repeatability
? High speed drilling (400,000 rpm).
? Automatic stepping motor control of drilling depth
? Automatic zero-depth detection
? Measurement of residual stress variation with the
testing depth
? C
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