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:: Calibration Systems & Components

Load Cell Calibration Bridge Simulator Precision Bridge Amplifier Vibration Sensors Calibration
1600 Gold Standard™ Calibration Load Cell
For calibrating other load cells where best possible load cell is required. 4% lower load limit per ASTM E74. Provides tension & compression in 1 unit with <0.005% nonrepeatability.
1601 Gold Standard™ Calibration Compression-Only Load Cell
The 1601 Gold Standard load cell is designed for calibrating other load cells where the best possible load cell is required. It has a 4% lower load limit per ASTM E74 and is a step above the 1100. The 1601 provides compression-only.
1606 Gold Standard™ Low Capacity Calibration Load Cell
The 1606 Gold Standard load cell is designed for calibrating other load cells where the best possible load cell is required. It has a 4% lower load limit per ASTM E74 and is a step above the 1100. The 1606 is especially made for low capacity applications with capacities from 50 lbf. to 300 lbf.
1800 Platinum Standard™ Calibration Load Cell
The 1800 Platinum Standard is the ultimate in calibration grade load cells and has a 2% lower limit per ASTM E74 and an integral stud.
BN100A Bridge Calibration Unit
The BN100A bridge calibration unit is a highly precise calibrator to calibrate measuring equipment and measurement chains which function with a carrier frequency of 225Hz. The BN100A bridge calibration unit is inserted in the measuring system to be calibrated in place of the transducer (full bridge), or is connected directly with the measuring instrument, and simulates with the aid of switchable inductive dividers the output signals of the transducer in a range of ±100mV/V.
Gold Standard E4 Machine Calibration System
It is necessary to recalibrate materials test machines and presses because of, possible undetected damage, normal wear and tear and to make sure the system is performing to its design capabilities. The Gold Standard E4 machine calibration system is a complete PC based system for the calibration of materials test machines. The system is user friendly and calibrations can be conducted with minimal training.
Gold Standard Load Calibration System
PC-based system for calibration of load cells and torque transducers. Normally used with hydraulic load frame. Separate software available for calibration of load cells in a deadweight system.
Gold Standard™ Load Frames
Available in capacities 3K, 10K, and 55K.
HRBSC High Resolution Signal Conditioning Board
The model HRBSC is a single-channel high resolution signal conditioning board. This board offers many additional features over the SCB1 for users requiring the highest levels of accuracy and precision.
K148 Calibration Unit for full bridge amplifiers
The K148 calibration unit simulates strain-gauge full bridges for amplifiers with one up to eight channels. The K148 comes with five measuring ranges with ten steps each. It enables DC and carrier frequency amplifiers from 225 Hz up to 4.8 kHz with measuring ranges from ±0.2 mV/V up to ±100 mV/V to be calibrated.
K3607 Calibration Unit
The K3607 calibration unit can be used to calibrate measuring amplifiers or measurement chains without imposing a mechanical quantity on the strain gauge transducers belonging to the measurement chain. For this purpose the calibration instrument is equipped with a high-precision resistance network in star configuration, designed to simulate 350-ohm strain gauge full-bridge transducers.
K800 Calibration Unit for 8-channel quarter-bridge amplifiers
The K800 calibration unit for strain gauge quarter bridges launched by HBM can calibrate eight channels simultaneously. The device is particularly useful for multi-channel measuring amplifiers, such as HBM’s MGCplus, that must be calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy.
Highly precise and compact
The QuantumX MX238B, with its two full bridge strain gauge inputs, meets the high standards of precision in calibration tasks and laboratory
Precision mV/V Load Cell Simulator
Most accurate load cell simulator, special low thermal emf construction.
SCB1 Signal Conditioning Board
The SCB1 signal conditioning board comes in a one or two-channel configuration. The single-channel unit is used with a dead weight system and/or for test machine verification, while the two-channel unit is used for calibrations where a reference (Standard) load cell is being used. One channel is connected to the reference standard and one channel is connected to the cell being calibrated.
TransCal 445 Portable
The Beran 445 Portable TransCal™ provides a simple-to-use, self-contained, battery powered calibrator. It consists of the drive generator, power amplifier, built-in shaker and reference accelerometer, all fitted into a rugged carrying case.
TransCal 455 Integrated Calibration System
The Beran 455 Integrated
TransCal™ provides, in one box, all of the measuring devices required to calibrate the majority of vibration transducers. The unit includes a power amplifier to provide drive to the user's shaker and two channels of matched signal conditioning amplifiers, one for the reference transducer and the other for the test transducer.
TransCal 475 Laboratory Calibration System
The Beran 475 Laboratory
TransCal™ is a dedicated, high precision instrument for the fully automatic calibration of vibration transducers. The sine correlation measurement technique is used in the Beran 475 to ensure that accurate, repeatable measurements are provided over a wide frequency range and with changing measurement environments.
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