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  PACEline CMD Digital Charge Amplifier

The digital charge amplifier for piezoelectric sensors assures multiple uses in many applications in the laboratory and production. It is easy to use, absolutely reliable and offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Measurement frequency range of up to 30 kHz

The CMD600 measures very fast force, torque and pressure signals at frequencies of up to 30 kHz and can be used with piezoelectric sensors up to max. 600,000 pC (Pico coulombs). The measurement range is freely scaleable and even signals of minimum strength are available at high resolution without quality loss via a second, internal measurement range; the CMD600 is thus eminently suited to measuring very small forces.

Best price/performance ratio

The CMD600 operates reliably with both HBM transducers and data acquisition systems as well as third-party products. The standard 10 V analog signal output guarantees that the amplifier can be operated with virtually all measurement systems. Furthermore, the Ethernet interface enables measured values to be transmitted using the streaming method providing up to 1 kHz bandwidth. The CMD600 charge amplifier offers performance features that are significantly superior to third-party charge amplifiers - at the same price.

Full TEDS functionality

Of course, the CMD600 offers full TEDS functionality for automatic sensor identification. You save time during installation and the quality of test results is further increased.

SensorTeach function

The so-called SensorTeach function is particularly useful for adjusting the measurement range. If this function has been activated, the measurement cycle is run through once prior to the actual start of measurement. Then the CMD600 automatically adjusts to the minimum and maximum values determined. The SensorTeach function is particularly suited to very fast processes that do not enable conventional calibration, for example, blow molding of PET or aluminum bottles using compressed air.

Rugged quality

Of course, all signal inputs and outputs are electrically isolated to ensure easy integration into electric systems and machines. The CMD600 with its die-cast aluminum enclosure easily copes with harsh ambient conditions often found in manufacturing environments. It is extremely robust and complies with IP65 protection class.

Included in scope of supply: Parameterization software

Software included in the scope of supply assures easy use and parameterization of the amplifier. It automatically identifies equipment connected to the network via TCP/IP, enables the IP address (remote maintenance) to be set and measured values to be recorded for long-term monitoring and diagnostics. If no computer is available, the CMD600 can also be parameterized via the digital input. An LED status display enables diagnostics directly at the equipment.

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