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  PACEline CMC - The piezoelectric force measurement chain

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CFT piezoelectric force transducers and CMA analog amplifiers are combined to form a calibrated unit.
Even with the most challenging task in your process monitoring: The CMC measurement chain keeps pace at any time. The CMC piezoelectric measurement chain is actually more than just a transducer – it is a calibrated measurement chain that is simple to put into operation thanks to “Plug and Measure.”
Reliable measurement results thanks to perfect interplay of all components.

This is how the CMC measurement chain supports TEDS, the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet. Which means: Plug and Measure is now also available in piezo technology. Connect - start measuring - get reliable test results. In other words: you no longer need to go through parameterizing the individual components of the measurement chain.

The flange-mounted CFT transducers do not require any pretensioning and thus no additional calibrating of the complete system. A wide range of measurement tasks can be covered with a single transducer type. Nominal (rated) forces ranging from 5kN up to 120 kN are available.

The CMC zoom function provides additional reliability: Use the second measuring range to view overload-critical sections at high resolution - like looking through a magnifying glass. Extra comfort which normally is only available with strain gauge technology-based transducers.
* Piezoelectric force transducer, nominal measurement ranges available: 5 kN, 20kN, 50 kN, 70 kN, and 120 kN
* Analog amplifier for reliable data transmission – including TEDS, the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet
* Connection cable

Key features
* Very compact force transducer combined with an industrial charge amplifier
* 2 calibrated measuring ranges of 100% and 20% Fnom
* TEDS for each measuring range
* Nominal (rated) forces: 5, 20, 50, 70, 120 kN
* High stiffness
* Electrical isolation
* One-way fitting

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