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  Micro P Panel Meter

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* The state of the art in programmable digital panel meters, counters, timers, and serially driven remote displays.
* Wide choice of signal conditioners for analog and digital inputs.
* Wide choice of outputs for control, alarm and data communications.
* Exceptional performance for 5-digit digital panel meters:
High speed (60 readings / sec) with 99.99% accuracy for DC signals.
* Exceptional performance for 6-digit digital counters and rate meters:
High speed (up to 25 readings / sec) with 6-digit resolution for frequency or rate.
* Exceptional performance for serially-driven remote displays:
with RS-485, up to 31 remotes addressable on on data line, each with optional local analog and setpoint outputs.
* All DPM and counter ranges user-selectable and factory calibrated.
* Universal 95-240 Vac ±10% power supply standard, low voltage AC or DC power supply optional.
* Easy setup and scaling.
* Available in 1/8 DIN case panel meter size with bright red or green 0.56" high LED digits.
* Also available in large-digit versions for long-distance viewing: 1" digits (Mighty-1), 5" digits (Mighty-5).
* Two-year warranty.

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