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  PML-1000 Panel Meter

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The PML1000 is an AC line powered LVDT/RVDT panel meter that is ideal for industrial and test applications. It features a 5 digit variable brightness LED display. For control applications, it has a fast (125 Hz) unscaled analog output, an isolated 0-10 VDC/4-20 mA scaleable output and optional serial 2 or 4 wire RS 422/485 communications. With a user-selectable 1 or 3 V 2.5 and 10 kHz LVDT excitation, the PML-1000 is compatible with all standard MEAS LVDTs and RVDT's. Two logic control inputs are provided to allow remote control of user pre-programmed functions (zero, hold, display max/min/average, etc.). The unit also has two user pre-programmed function keys (zero, hold, display max/min/average, etc.). The PML1000 meets European safety and EMC requirements for panel mounted equipment.

• 5 Digit Display
• 90 to 265 VAC Operation
• Auto-calibration
• 2 Programmable Logic Inputs
• 2 Programmable Function Keys
• Max, Min, Average, Zero and Hold Functions
• Voltage and Current Outputs
• Compatible with All MEAS Standard LVDTs and RVDTs
• Low Voltage Operation

• RS422/485 Serial Communications
• Low voltage Operation
• Rack Adaptor

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