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WindMETER system is a reliable monitoring solution specifically designed to monitor wind generator blades. The system consists of a low consumption optoelectronic interrogator suitable for operation over extended emperature range and a set of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) strain and temperature sensors.

The interrogator is installed inside the rotor hub, being each optical channel allocated to one blade. The WindMETER interrogator is based
on the 100 S/s acquisition rate BraggMETER core, ruggedized for outdoor applications with IP65 stainless steel enclosure and fanless
operation. It uses a real-time operating
system for consistent and deterministic results. A unique swept tunable fiber laser cavity ensures the interrogator long term reliability. The interrogator uses a built-in
reference element that enables the auto-adjustment of all measured values each 10ms.

The WindMETER System uses strain and emperature sensors based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology. The standard sensor network
comprises 4 strain sensors and 4 temperature sensors per blade. The system can, however, be
expanded as each optical channel can
accommodate a larger number of sensors, depending on the specific measurement range that each sensor will be subjected. Sensors are
completely passive and feature inherent insensitivity to environmental induced drift, EMI/RFI lightning and electrostatic sparks. They consist on FBG embedded in GFRP (Glass Fiber reinforced Polymer) with a polyurethane rubber encapsulation for mechanical protection.

System Integration
HBM FiberSensing WindMETER interrogator has Ethernet interface allowing their remote connection to any standard PC through Ethernet. The interrogato can be fully controlled using
TCP/IP commands. User friendly software – WindMONITOR – is available to be installed on the control PC for measurement configuration and diagnosis. Optionally, the interrogator can be configured with Profibus, Can or Modbus
communication protocol.

Output data from WindMETER system can be computed for both control and monitoring
These include:
- Individual pitch control
- Rotor imbalance assessment
- Blade design optimization
- Preventive maintenance
- Post repair evaluation
- Ice detection

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