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  AccuProfile 820 2D Laser Scanner

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The AccuProfile 820 2D laser scanners are high-accuracy sensors for industrial surface dimensioning and measurement applications. The scanner quickly and accurately generates low-noise 2D or 3D profile scans of objects, surfaces or scenes. The sensor automatically adjusts laser power and detector exposure to compensate for varying surface conditions.

Principles of Operation
The AccuProfile™820 2D Laser Scanners measure surface height profiles by projecting a beam of visible laser light that creates a line on the target surface. Reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by a CCD detector inside the AP820 sensor. The 2D contour profile is calculated by the scanner's microprocessor from the pixel data from the diffusely-reflected laser line. The device automatically adjusts laser power and detector integration time based on the reflectivity characteristics of the target. The height distance profile is transmitted via Ethernet to a PC computer. Real-time 3D profiling may be created by synchronizing the position of the scanner with encoder inputs from conveyors, linear stages or robotic movements. A variety of models are specified, each to allow a different measurement range and field of view.

Typical Scanner Applications
• Weld Gap Tracking and Weld Bead Profiling - High-speed tracking of the weld bead location, size and shape
• Positional Control of Objects and Surfaces - Robots can be positioned based on the location of surface features and process variables
• Tire Profiling - Measurement of bulge, dent and other sidewall or tread defects.
• Wheel Profiling - Outer diameter scan for dimensional verification and flaw detection
• Surface Profiling - Inspect large surfaces to verify dimensional tolerances or identify and measure surface defects
• 3D Profile Generation - Gather a part's dimensional information by moving the scanner's laser line across a the entire surface.
• Dimensioning - Measure width, thickness, length, surface angle, radius or any shape or any shape dimension using the height-profiling capabilities of a 2D scanner.

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